Rhum Journey- Hello! from The Caribbean


Set sail with us on a rum & culinary adventure around the globe, from the comfort of The Rhum-Ba. Each week we get inspired by the different country origins of the many rum’s we offer &
recreate their traditional dishes in Rhum-Ba style, paired with rum cocktails & samplings for your pleasure.

This week we visit The Caribbean, located between the  continents of North and South America, and east of Mexico.  The  Caribbean islands loop up in a quarter circle from off the coast of Venezuela (starting with Trinidad & Tobago, then Grenada, and so on) and ending up not far from southern Florida (with the  Bahamas and Cuba).

The name “Caribbean” is derived from the name of the first and most prevalent Indian tribe when the islands were first  discovered, the Caribs.

Another common term for the region is the “West Indies” which is
derived from Columbus’s mistake in believing he had reached the area known as the “Indies” that actually was Southeast Asia.  After discovery of Columbus’s mistake, Southeast Asia was then referred to as the “East Indies” and the new area of the world as the “West Indies.”

In case you wondered, Columbus first touched land on what he namedSan Salvador, now part of the Bahamas group of islands.

The Caribbean has its own sea, aptly named the Caribbean Sea, but also known by many as the Sea of Antilles, especially those in Europe. This is derived from the Spanish word for a newly discovered group of islands. The Caribbean is mostly known for its beaches, reggae, coffee and rum, but many of the islands also boast mountainous regions with high altitudes and cool climates, unique soils and growing conditions.


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