Rum of the month


Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum

40% Alc. /Vol. Dark Rum- Aged 16-20 Years- Bermuda, Gosling Brothers.

Truly superb dark golden rum made in Bermuda, rested in oak barrels and left to age until it has acquired an extra luscious, nuance complexity, much like a rare Scotch or Cognac. Sweet aromas of caramel and brown sugar on the nose, devilishly strong kick of cream and caramel finish on the tongue.

A spirit this unusual deserves more than the usual bottle and label. So, Gosling’s takes each bottle, hand-labels it, dips it in wax, numbers it, encircles it with a metal band and then places it in a straw-filled wooden box where it awaits a hand to pour.
To overlook this complex sipper would be a mistake.

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