"We only use fresh, carefully sourced and seasonal ingredients to make all our beautiful, tasty dishes."


The Rhum-Ba and Denarau Yacht Club is the premier Restaurant, Bar and social club not only in the Western Division of Fiji but in Fiji as a whole.

The need and desire for the Yacht Club has been present since the inception of the working marina, and has been a topic of discussion for locals for several years.

With the growing number of residents, visiting yachts and tourists to the area The Rhum-Ba and Yacht Club will be poised to cater for this growing market.

The Rhum-Ba and Denarau Yacht Club has been designed and built to cater for locals and yachties with the expectation that this will create a great atmosphere to attract the general tourist market.

Nigel Skeggs


Nigel is the Managing Director of Port Denarau Marina, Chairman of Denarau Corporation Ltd and the Owner and Director of The Rhum-Ba and Denarau Yacht Club. He is very passionate about the future of Fiji’s Tourism market and is looking forward to a very successful venture with The Rhum-Ba.


shift supervisor

Mike Dennis

Owner & Manager

The completion and opening of the The Rhum-Ba and Denarau Yacht Club are considered major achievements for Mike. He is now looking forward to his next goal of launching The Rhum-Ba rum brand.

Darren Braddock

Executive Chef

Originally from England, Darren moved to Fiji in 2011. Darren’s food always portrays the quality of the local produce. The fusion of Darren’s collection of cultures mixed with the modern twist is a big hit with local dishes.